Mortgage loan for expatriates in UAE

Most of the people in the UAE are expatriates and they worked there for a better lifestyle. We all know that everybody wants to have good living with a family having all the basic necessities. But in this industrial era, you have to work hard to support your families especially in developing regions. If outsiders are working for the prosperity and stability of the region, in return Dubai banks private as well as the public sector are trying to facilitate them with the best services.

For example, you can take home finance in Dubai to make your dream into reality for expatriates. This can be done through a loan called a mortgage loan. Two parties are involved in this process as a lender and a borrower. You can choose any lender according to your choice but we suggest you approach banks because they are the best finance for such kind of services.

Another option to take a mortgage is available through Islamic banks in which there is no interest rate on loan services. Would you believe that one can get a loan package without any interest? Yes, it is possible through Islamic banks. For further details kindly visit the official website of any Islamic bank.

How do you get a mortgage loan?

Come to the most important question that’s frequently asked by a different reviewer that how to get a mortgage loan? There are different parameters that vary according to your lender but a prospective borrower must apply for a mortgage through a bank. One can also take the option of a credit union or another financial lender. Mortgage brokers can also be used because they are well aware of the current market trends and updated information about loan packages. These individuals or companies will present your loan case to different lenders and try to grab the best and most suitable deals for you on some commission.

Things most of the lenders examine while providing the best mortgage loan in UAE:

  • When applying for the loan, the lender (a bank or any other financial institution) will want to fully examine the applicant’s financial situation and past loan history. We all know that this would be an unpleasant process for many individuals and they try to avoid it. If you have a good and well-reputed credit history then you can avoid such situations.
  • When the loan is approved, the borrower has to provide a property to the lender as a guarantee on a fixed time period. The lender will ensure that the value of the property is accurate to the amount of the loan being issued.

There are some other charges like borrowers have to pay an origination fee, miscellaneous taxes, and filing fees to complete the mortgage loan process. These small payments or we can say that charges will be paid on the spot while signing the contract while the interest rate on a loan amount will be paid within a fixed time period on easy installments.

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