A unique option for credit card services

Do you have any idea how to return the loan amount which is taken through a credit card? We will discuss some of the important points regarding credit card services and how we can manage the use of a special card. You cannot neglect the importance of a card in the UAE because this is important. Even you can’t think about stepping out of your home without having your credit card in your pocket. The point is very simple that for all kinds of purchases you need a card to make payments. There is no concept of hard cash in UAE due to expensive products and the circulation of money.

The choice of a bank for a special card may vary according to the nature and demands of a customer. Most of the banks try to accommodate the maximum number of users but still, you have to search form point zero. For your ease, Mashreq bank is a unique option that can facilitate you with bets credit card services with zero annual charges.

Although different types of cards are available according to the requirement of customers such as:

  • For frequent travel, a travel card would be the most appropriate choice. You can use your travel card for different purposes, for example, your card will make you able to purchase flight tickets at discounted rates. The discount offers may vary from one bank card to other but somehow these are quite useful to compensate for your spending. You can also get credit card lounge access at the lowest rates while on the other if sooner is paying general charges, these are quite high. Without a card, you cannot afford private lounge access because of expensive and priority nature. I am sure most of the frequent travels must have an idea about the problems of delayed flights. In this situation, you can use your card for taking rest in a private lounge at the lowest rates.


  • Another important point that is related to credit card services is the repayment of charges. For this purpose, Mashreq bank provides the lowest rates and charges in Dubai. You can use different options to repay the credit card bills. For example, an early repayment charge option is available for regular users. Although this service is very much expensive than any other method of paying bills. As it provides maximum utilization so it is most appropriate for high net worth traders in Dubai to cover the cost on time. Most of the card users don’t bother the bills and then they can carry extra charges which are hard to manage.


In case you are looking for the best cashback credit card with the lowest rates, Mashreq bank can be a decisive option. You can compare the rates and terms through a comparison. You can also use the calculator option from the official website of a bank for making a clear evaluation of rates.

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