Apply for priority based services

In case you want to take priority based services from a bank then you must have to fulfill some of the important requirements. For example, a salary certificate can help you to approach a unique bank to prove yourself as a potential candidate for a loan amount. This letter can be received with complete ease and you need to ask your company HR department for this purpose. Keep one thing in mind that certain banks may ask for your Emirates ID card which is proof that you are residing in UAE with a legal entry. It can be for any reason like you come here for a job purpose or as an international investor. We all know that getting an Emirates ID takes time and it is not that easy as one can think about it, so most of the banks can give you relief from these conditions for maximum time. They will just ask you for a copy of your Emirates ID registration form which is easily available for all you. You just need to that you filled in when applying for it.

You can also take the option of a non-resident account using the services of Dubai banks. But keep one thing in your mind that for you priority-based services such as best cashback credit card you have to fulfill all of the requirements. Most banks in the UAE allow non-residents to open only a savings account and can take the offers of a credit card which is pretty necessary for all of you. You cannot even move out of your home because everything sale and the purchase is done through credit card payment. The system is totally digitalized and you must have to follow the rule and regulations. So you won’t be able to ask for a checkbook however, you will be given with this facility along with a debit card to withdraw money or making payments.

As a potential account holder in UAE, you will be subject to a minimum and/or maximum balance so that to make a clear idea about your expense and income resources. It is possible that a bank will decide to run background checks so that to evaluate your previous credit history. It will be done before allowing you to open a bank account. The basic requirement for opening a savings account or taking credit card services, you have to follow the following instructions:

· In case you want to approach a bank for your savings account along with credit card services, your original passport plus a copy will be required due to safety reasons.

· What are the major services you can expect when you open an account is very important. You can apply for different and unique services like Travel Offer but keep one thing in your mind that some of the priority-based services may charge you with high rates.

· You will get each and everything upon opening a bank account in a specific bank.

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