Benefits of Digital Banking in 2020

The preference of online and mobile banking services had been on the rise since the popularity of smartphones and the internet. In today’s world, everyone wants to conduct business and solve financial transaction issues from the comfort of their homes. Because of this, many private and commercial financial institutions have introduced or launched mobile applications for their customers. Therefore, simply by installing a mobile app you can access all the banking services that you can only have access to either by physically visiting or asking the customer relationship officer to allow access to particular services.

Traditionally, it was difficult to avail mobile banking options because of virtual security reasons and undeveloped cyber platforms. Hence after the adaptation of handy devices ‘smartphones’ and abundant resources for technological advancement e.g. secure platform, had also revolutionized the banking system. In addition to the banks’ revolution, anyone can benefit from digital banking. But the most significant benefit it had yield for the business owner and entrepreneurs. Thus, to make the small or large business’s transaction easy and convenient many banks had introduced digital business banking accounts.

Many businesses in Dubai are consists of international business headquarter or small business. Often these businesses conduct offshore activities ranging from exporting goods to importing products. Along with this many transactions often require on-time clearance. Thus, for such business, it proves to be a blessing to conduct business online. This has also eased the process of hectic traditional reliance on physical bank visits to either withdraw or deposit cash.

The most universal benefit of having a digital banking account are:

  • The owner can view transaction history anytime from anywhere. This means you can bookkeep and evaluate any transaction within minutes. In addition to this you can customize your transaction via categories and spending.
  • You can schedule a payment or transfer funds within a matter of minutes. Traditionally, many businesses require physical visits to banks in order to make a transfer to pay for credit. Thus, digital banking has allowed one to schedule credit payment or fund transfer either to an employee or to a vendor in a matter of clicks. This schedule can be modified as per the requirement of the account holder.
  • Secure transactions via mobile banking applications or by the web. Further banks employ up to date digital security and system to provide a user-friendly experience.
  • In addition to these you can also transfer financial funds to different accounts.

These key aspects and benefits of digital banking had encouraged many customers to migrate from traditional banking to online banking. Despite the fact that it is easy and secure, many people also prefer using digital applications because of the additional multiple features ranging from investment or trading options to complementary services in the form of discounts and coupons.


It is necessary to incorporate technology and modify your business model or activities with every new innovation. Those who find it difficult at the moment often later in time will be forced to migrate to digital mediums and platforms to avoid loss. Therefore, it is recommended to every business owner to go with the trends.

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